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The Happy Herbivore prides itself on giving the plant based cuisine an exotic and exciting twist with our recipes from around the world.

Our experienced and passionate chefs have a vast array of dishes to accompany any event, party, wedding or festival.

We provide recipes from the UK to Japan. From Brazil to South Africa. From Mexico to Iran and many more.

So if you’ve been vegan for years or are looking to experiment in tasting new and thrilling foods then get in touch and book The Happy Herbivore’s fantastic dishes.


Slide Mushroom Stroganoff Filling & Creamy V list_alt 480 calories Slide West African
Peanut Stew
Sweet & Spicy V list_alt 495 calories
Slide Falafel Salad Box Zesty Crunch V list_alt 460 calories Slide Three Bean Chilli Hot & Smokey V
list_alt 500 calories
Slide Jollof Bulgerwheat Fresh & Spicy V list_alt 470 calories Slide Lentil Dahl Fresh & Mild V list_alt 395 calories Slide Japanese Curry Sweet & Sour V list_alt 520 calories
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Chris Townshend

Chris is born and raised just outside of Birmingham. Chris is a passionate vegan and chef.

He has 14 years of experience in the industry including restaurants, hotels and schools. He spends a lot of his spare time learning about different vegan recipes from around the world.

He is a proud family man with his wife and two young sons.
Chris and Michael have known each other since school and have worked together several times over the years until they decided to start their business together.

Mike Williams

Michael too hails from the outskirts of Birmingham. He has also got 14 years experience in the food industry including spending a year working in restaurants and for a large event company in Australia.

He likes to travel and learn different cuisines from across the world.
Not only have Chris and Michael worked together many times. They have also attended many a rock gig and festival where they love to watch great live music.

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